1. How do I get started? Either call us, e-mail us, or just stop by our facility. Let us know what services interest you and we will take it from there. Visit the contact us section of our site for more information.
  2. What’s involved in a typical individual lesson? All lessons can vary depending on the individual person. We like to start from the ground up with everyone who is new to personalized training. We will enhance the strong aspects of your game, and work to correct any bad habits that have been developed.
  3. How do I know if my child is ready for training? If your son or daughter has the desire to learn, a good attention span, and is enthusiastic about the game, you can be pretty sure that they are ready.
  4. How should my child dress for their lesson? Comfortable sneaker or turf shoes (NO CLEATS). Shorts, sweatpants, or baseball pants (preferably no jeans).