HardKnocksBaseballAcademyLocated on the north side of Atlanta, Hard Knocks Baseball Academy occupies a 9,900 square foot building. This comfortable facility includes a 1,500 square foot office area complete with multiple bathrooms, break room, vending machines and inviting reception area. Large parking areas are located in the front and rear of the building.

Our training floor consists of six batting cages, 1 automated arm-type pitching machine(Iron Mike), with manual-feed ATEC pitching machine and protective screens, and one live pitching tunnel with mound. All cages measure 50′ x 13′ x 13′ with theSoftball exception of the live pitching tunnel which measures 70′ x 13′ x 13′. Our open floor space serves as a 72′ x 35′ full-court basketball are and servers multipurpose roles for physical training and other activities.

Hard Knocks Baseball Academy was built and designed by its operators with comfort and efficiency in mind to optimize this space to its fullest.

Pitching Machines